The Top 5 Video Cameras Of The Decade

These were the top 5 video cameras that were game changers of the decade. (2000-2009)

I’m going to start right at number one.

1. Sony VX-1000

To say this camera was/is legendary, is an understatement. Especially for skateboarding. It was the first ever Mini-DV camera. It was realeased in 1996, but didn’t really get major use till about ’98-99. This workhorse of a camera is still being used today, by hundreds, probably even thousands of skateboarders, 13 years later.

A true legend.

2. Panasonic DVX-100b

Panasonic came out of left field and blew everyone away with the DVX-100b. (the 100a was first but the 100b really brought it light) This camera revolutionized the video/film industry, one of the first cameras to offer 24p, this camera made it possible to shoot video with the film look. A budget film maker’s dream, making very cheap short, or full on movies was possible to anyone, even an average consumer. Skateboarders traded in their 60i high shutter speed looks for 24p motion blur.

B-Roll galore.

3. Canon 5D Mkii

Not even intended to be a video camera, Canon stunned us, and themselves when they released this Dslr camera. They created a monster. A full frame Dslr capable of shooting stunning HD 1080p video (@30fps) with the ability to use Canon’s full line of EOS lenses?

Vincent Laforet borrowed a pre production model for a few days in late 2008, and made his short film, “Reverie”, photographers and especially videographers jaws dropped down to the floor simultaneously. While many were using 35mm adapater on their dvx’s or hvx’s, the 5D Mkii essentially eliminated the use for them, all in a small package, that also doubles as an incredible photo camera. Everyone, everyone is using a 5D Mkii, (or a newer 7D) from very small budget independent films, TV/commercials, all the way to major Hollywood productions.

Even though it as released to the public in 2009, the 5D mkii has truly, truly changed the game. All the other Dslr companies have jumped on the HD-Dslr bandwagon with their own versions.

Can you say, depth of field?

4. Panasonic HVX-200

The HD version of the DVX-100b. This camera revolutionized tapeless HD workflow, and supported a ton of framerates and features. Released around 06/07, it is still a current HD workhorse for independent filmmakers, skateboarders, and Hollywood.

High definition full length features.

5. RED One

The beastiest and most high end of the bunch. The name itself, “RED”, is mysterious and has a presence. Released around late 07, this camera, in it’s many incarnations, is revolutionizing Hollywood film making. It can do pretty much anything you want it to do, at higher than HD quality. There are already a lot of Hollywood movies that have either used this camera exclusively and or partly. Many, many more movies on the way also. While it’s mostly purchased a la cart, this is truly a filmmakers dream camera. More RED models are on the way too, next few years.