….is not out yet, but I have the pitch for it, right here.

There is no script for it yet, but I am going to have Michael Bay direct it. (no script needed)

There will be TONS of explosions, TONS of violence, and TONS of ass kicking in general.

Below is the cast for the movie:

Sylvester Stallone

Pure Ass Kicking

Steven Segal

Will break your arm

Bruce Willis

Yippie Ki Yay

Chuck Norris

No explanation needed.

Vin Diesel

Best lines, Best Kills

Danny Glover & Mel Gibson

Mr. Dislocate my shoulder & Mr.”I’m too old for this shit”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Get to the choppa, now!

Carl Weathers

awesome moustache, all the time

Tiny Lister & Hulk Hogan

Pure testosterone



Dolph Lundren

He must break you

Bolo Yeung

Scary mofo (and legend)

Tom Cruise

Reprising his role as Les Grossman

Chow Yun-Fat

2 guns = more bullets in ya

John Stockton & Karl Malone

“Stockton to Malone!” (dish out a basketball or a gun or other weapons, just as quickly)

The budget for this movie is estimated at one hundred, thousand, trillion.