Keegan: Phone Tapped

Keegs got phone tapped in Pandemic (watch now if you haven’t), so I had to phone tap him myself.

(Damn that’s some FRESH ASS R.E. WALLPAPER!)

Btw, peep Frozen in Carbonite’s Review of Pandemic

When Nate called me, he asked for some “old RZA”, but he didn’t want Bobby Digital, even though Bobby Digital is RZA’s old work….


I still don’t think he’s seen the trailer to Bobby Digital Movie I posted the other day, which is incredibly AMAZING, by the way. 


Here some pics from The Somer Session, a skate jam for awareness for a skate park in Somerville.

Gavin Ollie. I timed it late, but oh well. P-Rod 2 Highs > any of his other versions of his shoes.


Nate trying to escape?!


Hidin’ behind some Dunkin’


Oh and here’s how to take a screenshot on the iPhone:

Navigate the iPhone to the screen you want to create an image of
While holding the Home button, press and release the Lock Sleep/Wake buttonYour screen will flash letting you know that the screenshot was taken
Navigate to your Camera Roll library (Photos)The most recent image should be the screencapture you just created