The Picture Post

I didn’t take any good pics in DC, so here’s just a bunch of pics, recent and from a month or so or more.

Brett as a Teletubby

Marvins Chicken And Waffles

Marvins Chicken and Waffles!

Crappy Pulaski Pic

Crappy Freedom Plaza pic

Rob Everything

Jenkins having issues at Eggs

4 Thumbs Down!

Passed Out @ Anna's Parking lot

Note to self, do not pass out in parking lots after eating massive burritos. Must make it to the car….

Zander And New Dad

Zander and his new dad.

Navy Yard Session

Navy Yard buttahs.

Chris showing off his sweet bike

Chris from Adidas sporting the new bmx kit.

Crailboard in trunk


Crail Push

Waffle Crailboard Tailslide in RI

Waffle doing a tailslide on a crailboard. He should’ve done a crailslide.