Fat Princess & Adidas skate short, “Sieben & Friends”

Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess


She’s plump, powerful and ready to cause more controversy than “SuperSize Me.”

She’s Fat Princess, the star of Sony’s upcoming video game of the same name. Debuting at last week’s E3 expo, the colorful Fat Princess is a capture-the-flag game with a twist: you can thwart capture attempts by locking the once-thin princess in a dungeon and stuffing her full of cake, thereby increasing her girth and making her harder for your enemies to haul back to home base.

The feminist crying foul over this game is just going to make it 1000 times more popular, now everyone knows of it and are going to try the game out.

Here’s a trailer to Fat Princess.


Seiben & Friends

Adidas “Sieben & Friends” skateboaring short.

Filmed with a RED camera.

Props to the chewbacca character for marking the footy at the end. (even though i think he has a HVX, in which case he can mark via user button)