Worcester x RE1000

Waffle shredding the angle iron spot.

Saturday, I went to Worcester for the first time ever. Jenkins, Waffle, & Adam came with me, and we met up with Zeb, Keegs, Kev, Steve, Matty Johnson, Glasses and some of the loc’s.

Watching Waffle do some tricks.

Holding down the parking lot?!

On a whole ‘nother tip, Curt Schilling has a video game production company, called 38 Studios.

The Jace Hall show interviews Schill.

I really wanna skate those Jordan 4’s. (let alone, obtain a pair)

Raekwon at RSWD.

“Your Skills Are Complete”

Blueprint in Boston. They were in town last month.

I need to get back to playing Metal Gear Solid 4, time for a second go around….