Western Edition x 48 Blocks video colloaboration, online premier is Sept. 1st on 48 Blocks.

Pandemic (trailer)

DVD of Pandemic will be included in upcoming Western Edition boards.

Nate Keegan will have a part in Pandemic, probably doing it, BIG!

New supply of RAW Private Stock boards are in. New colorway available also.

“Someone” I know has an interview over at

The RE-UP has some Celtics Championship Parade pics on their site.

Top 20 Stupid Client Quotes, taken from Seth Cheeks blog.

Some of these quotes are incredible, just makes you say, “WOW!”

Here’s a sample.

Client: Hey, my batteries overheated and now the wireless mouse doesn’t work. Me (takes a look at it): Did you put the batteries in the right way? Client: Of course Me: that’s very odd, I’ve never known batteries these days to overheat if used properly. Client: ya, it was weird. I took it out of the charger and it was melted Me: Were you using rechargeable batteries? Client: Do you have to?

America is doomed.