Case of the Mondays

Rainy ass day today, case of the mondays in full effect….


GSD Jam was pretty fun on Saturday.

That lil kid was up big at first.


But I took the C-Lo tournament! 2008 GSD Boston C-Lo Champion! I’m getting a wrestling type belt for it.

Check me out posing a lame C-Lo stance.


Pierce and KG talk about winning the championship.

The Lakers had ONE weakness.


Seen those commercials at the beginning of MGS4? Logan made them.

Yahoo yesterday featured an article about MGS4 and hidden meanings. Snake?……..SNAAAAAAAKE!


I’m still trying to find Regain energy drink. No dice so far.



Tom Guilmette shows off the Sony HDC-910 – Canon 75x setup he uses to shoot the HD footage of Red Sox games.

Smashing and shooting stuff in slow mo. Always looks great. Here’s part 2.


Hojin Chang footage from the D.C. section of Eastern Exposure 2 video by Dan Wolfe. That D.C. section was the best of the city i’ve ever seen. I’ll be tracking it down soon.