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Wow! And that’s an understatement.

Game 4 was incredible to watch, unless you were a Lakers fan. Here are the extended highlights, the regular highlights don’t do the game any justice.

Celtics were down 21 pts at the end of the 1st Q, and down 24pts later on in the game. Lakers were running and gunning their way to what seemed to be a game 4 win. But the Celtics came back in the 3rd Q to cut it to 11ish pts, then the Lakers put it back up to 20 pts. But the Celtics never gave up and their defense brought them back in the game. Celtics took the first lead of the game with about 4 minutes of play left, and never let go of the lead. Posey and House were huge off the bench, especially considering Rondo and Perk both have injuries, with the latter getting injured in this game.

This will be an ESPN Instant Classic. (they might not air it as an ESPN Classic in California, though)

Dear Sasha Vujacic,…..

Ok, now back to Metal Gear Solid 4.