The Showdown Part Deux

Dominique vs. Bird back in the day. They duked it out in a Game 7 at the old Garden 20 years ago. Dominique and Bird traded basket for basket, in the end Bird’s Cs’ won the game 118-116. Wilkins finished with 47 points and Bird had 34—with 20 of his points tallied in the fourth quarter. 

Last night was no different, Lebron and Pierce trading basket for basket.

Pierce’s 41 points came up larger in the end than James’ 45 as the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers 97-92 Sunday in Game 7 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series.

“Now they have something to remember in Boston other than what Dominique [Wilkins] and Larry [Bird] did. They’ll remember what Paul and LeBron did,” James said, referencing the shootout that took place two decades earlier.

P.J. Brown was huge in this game as well, rebounding, getting 2 critical tip in’s and hitting a critical long jump shot with a little over a minute left. Eddie House’s energy off the bench really sparked the C’s too. (and the steal at the end of the game)

Here is the end of Game 7.

Next up for the C’s, the mighty Pistons!